Our community interest company focuses upon food production, alternative education, water projects & connecting with nature.

This year, we be mostly focusing on giving aid for basic supplies, food and water to those who need it the most. Most recently, we have acquired enough food for 20 Ugandan children at an Orphanage for thge next calendar year, with ongoing educational support.

Previous Projects

Urban Agricultural Development Program

In 2022 we grew large amounts of Swiss Chard in & around the local area. It is an incredibly hardy crop that did us proud last year, and provided plenty of edible food that just kept growing back! Interestingly, it has a wide range of health benefits. Per 100g it provides a whopping 1032% vitamin K, 122% vitamin A and 50% RDA vitamin C.

Chard is a strong anti-oxidant, treats anaemia, promotes bone development, prevents cardiovascular disease, promotes digestion, boosts cognitive development, maintains healthy hair*skin*nails, improves muscle function, improves eye health, helps manage and prevent diabetes and even helps prevent cancer. It contains flavonoids and betalains that make up its anti-inflammatory properties.

Your help is instrumental in inspiring real change, as we transition into a more resource based society